The Einherjar of the Aesir. Resurrected by the Valkyries and blessed by Odin the Einherjar fight for the remnants of humanity. Split into four groups the ranks of the Einherjar are composed of the Vanguards, The Lancers, The Conduits, and the Rear Guard.

The Dark Elves and Jotuns. Fighting for the forces of Loki they represent the bulk of the enemy forces. Dark Elves are split into foot soldiers, Witches, Warlocks, and Berzerks. The Jotuns, or lesser giants, serve as the muscle of Loki’s forces. Though not true giants they are no less formidable.

Vanguards protect the members of their team from all threats.

Jotuns are not to be taken lightly. Able to bring incredible runic powers to bear and their immense physical bulk, it takes multiple well coordinated teams of Einherjar to bring one down.

Einherjar operate in teams. Depending on the mission parameters and objectives the make up of a team is always changing.

Pulled from the ranks of the dead, Einherjar are picked from those recently slain in combat. Hailing from around the world the Einherjar are as numerous as they are diverse.

Rearguard. Charged with the overall defense of the team, the Rearguard is an all round position. The many jobs they must fill include reloading for the Lancers, defending the Conduits, and providing first aid.

Lancers. Bringing the heavy firepower to bear, Lancers are the pointy end of any team. Employing large Rune Cannons attached to exoskeletons it’s the Lancers job to bring down anything larger than a human.

Conduits. Tapping in to the mysterious runic energy that the Aesir introduced to the world, Conduits bring a powerful albeit fragile presence to the battlefield.

Vanguards. The Vanguards protect the team from all threats both large and small. Using a humongous rune shield and smaller sub shields the Vanguard is able to stave off most attacks with ease.

Thor. Thor is one of the most proactive members of the Aesir. By making a battlefield offering, an Einherjar can summon Thor to his or her side to fight for them for a short period of time. Thor’s formidable control of electrical energy and combat prowess have made him an invaluable ally in the field.

The Valkyries. The Valkyries are chosen by Odin to represent his will in the field. They are given access to life giving runic energies and are able to chose new Einherjar from the among the recent dead. While they are revered amongst the Aesir they have taken on a negative light in the eyes of normal humans becoming more like Vultures looking for fresh kills.

Dark Elf Warriors. Split into three types the Warrior Caste of Dark Elf society is composed of the Warlocks, the Warriors, and the Berzerks. Dark Elves are larger, stronger, and faster than humans. Einherjar are modified at resurrection to make up for the strength and speed deficiencies but even then it’s still not enough. Dark Elves also have a natural ability towards runic energy making them formidable casters in the field.

Jotuns, or Lesser Giants, are a towering force to be reckoned with. Able to bring massive runic energy to bear and their sheer size makes them a formidable challenge to bring down. Concentrated efforts by multiple Einherjar teams are required to defeat one. Only Lancers and high level Conduits have the abilities to damage a Jotun.