Elephant Drones are the backbone of Anti-Poaching operations providing a solid defensive position for Rangers to fall back on.

Lion drones are used in assault operations to break poacher incursions and instill fear among their ranks. Deployed in prides Lion drones are effective both individually and in groups.

Buffalo drones serve as the ever vigilant sentinels. Equipped with a hangar of small Oxpecker bird drones, Buffalo units have a keen awareness of their surroundings. Relentless in combat and in their observation they present a formidable force in the field.

Rhino’s serve a multi-purpose role in Anti-Poaching operations. Able to serve in either an offensive or defensive capacity, their flexibility is a favorite amongst Anti-poaching rangers.

Leopards serve in advanced recon roles and as force multipliers. Like their real life counterparts, Leopard drones are masterful at stealth and concealment. Equipped with optical camouflage capabilities Leopards are to be feared in the field.

Vulture UAV’s provide eyes in the sky for anti-poaching groups. Able to glide for long periods of time Vultures help scout for downed animals, poaching incursions, and counting animals.

Poachers often employ Wild Dog drones in the field for their ease of maintenance and cheap cost. Light weight, fast, and strong in packs Wild Dogs are not to be taken lightly.

Interesting experiments in imprinting drones to baby animals as surrogate parents are taking place. It’s still early in the process so there are no cases of successes, but the ongoing experiments are experiencing no problems.

Drone combat is common in the world of Big Five. Combat can be protracted and brutal but for whatever the motive, they will do whatever it takes.