A Chasseur (French, “hunter”) uses their keen senses to track targets through the swamp. Once they catch a scent, they are relentless. Only through great effort can they be evaded.

Conjurers summon powerful spirits to assist them in combat. Among the most powerful spirits in their arsenal is the Spirit Alpha, the spirit of the previous pack Alpha which is contained in their skull. Outside of patrolling, the Conjurer serves as the pack historian keeping the knowledge and traditions of generations past alive.

A Farouche (French, “fierce”) is a specialist Lycan that uses Hoodoo to augment their physical capabilities. Entering into a trance, they manifest powerful energy weapons to combat their foes. Serving as shock troopers, they are a presence to be feared in field.

Goliaths are the heavy weapons platforms of their pack. Using Lycan strength, they field weapons that would typically be impractical. Working in the back lines, they bring overwhelming fire power to bear.

Madame/Monsieur is the title given to the pack Alpha. As Alpha, they lead their pack to victory while grounding and supporting them in the Lycan state. Leading by example, they play a vital role in daily operations.

Rootworkers are experienced practitioners of Hoodoo. They use special blends of herbs and found materials to provide healing for their allies and crippling ailments for their foes. With a wide assortment of potions, tinctures, and rituals they are a valued asset to their pack.

The Witch Doctor uses Voodoo to control and manipulate their targets. By gaining pieces of their foes and attaching them to an effigy, the Witch Doctor can completely dominate them into doing their bidding. Both feared and respected, Witch Doctors are an equally powerful ally and enemy.